Why Pakistan will fail

Updated: Oct 16

By Pakistani Cartoonist - Sabir Nazar
Why Pakistan will fail

Not every country is a civilisation. A country is just an inhabited parcel of land.

A civilisation like India is a stable, progressive open ended society. It not only accommodates but celebrates diverse people, cultures, religions, languages etc. continuously blending them inside a melting pot to create a better and richer homogenous society.

Amongst its greatest sins, Britain for its own political purposes brutally tore asunder the Indian civilisation by partitioning India in 1947, into India and Pakistan. To make Pakistan viable they turned a blind eye and tacitly encouraged Pakistan's annexation of Balochistan, and the capture of large part of Pashtun, and Kashmir area with help of British officers.

When countries like former Yugoslavia and Pakistan are created by any artificial means be they military and or political means, yoking all sorts of people, and cultures together by force, we get dysfunctional societies. Akin to a messy bitter salad, they can be held together only by force and fear and in the case of Pakistan a after-life in paradise.

Pakistan is an artificiality, created by political skullduggery and extreme violence, justified on the basis of 'the incompatibility of minority populated Islam within a Hindu majority populated secular, independent India.

Pakistan's leaders may have won the land and its resources but not the peace.

Possessed by unreason and the fervour of religious hatred, Pakistan rejected its Indian civilisational heritage in search of a new identity, and till date has not found one.

Rebuffed by the Arabs and then the Iranians for trying to be part of them and their societies, Pakistan is just a hotchpotch salad of people supposedly bound together by the myth of Muslim 'Ummah'.

Throw into this salad we call Pakistan, Urdu as the official language (spoken by only 10% of the people). Most Pakistanis struggle with, how to relate with their fellow Pakistanis and their country, except hatred for India and America.

Add to this salad a gigantic dose of intolerant Islam, which is not only intolerant of non Muslims but intolerant of and possessed by hatred for all of the other 72 sects of Islam. Its also intolerant of all modernity. So the murder of non Sunni muslims is encouraged by the state and the clerics.

Now create an untenable marriage between, a free market secular democracy with 'Sharia'. Then hand over the country to be managed and ruled by heads of 200 wealthy feudal landowners, a group of elitists, the Mullahs and the Army.

Pakistan has always been a military dictatorship, sometimes masquerading as a democracy. The army dominates all aspects of socio-political-economic life in Pakistan.

This Pakistan is actually mercenary state willing to do whatever anyone is willing to pay for. War, terrorism, drugs, genocide, nuclear proliferation etc.

During Black September conflict (Feb 1970) between Jordan and the Palestinians, Pakistani troops led by Brig. Zia Ul Haq actively supported the killing of 25,000 Palestinians in 11 days (more than killed by Israel in previous 20 years).

Pakistan has been propped up by huge inflows from America, the West, and later the Arabs, and the Chinese, basically to create problems and troubles for others.

With a supply of almost unlimited funds and sophisticated weapons, Pakistan has been until recently encouraged tacitly and often openly by the global community to raise, arm, support, finance and legitimise numerous armies of terrorists.

Funded by Saudi Arabia and UAE, knowingly ignored by America, the Chinese provided the Pakistanis technology to make 125 nuclear weapons.

Within Pakistan all institutions of the state except the army, which are essential to ensure good governance, law, order and justice have been transformed into mere facades. All news is heavily censored. while terrorising its own citizenry is the order of the day.

All this power to disenfranchise the vast majority of Pakistani people, Pashtuns, Kashmiris, Baloch, Sindhi and Muhajir (refugee) people. Then seize the properties and wealth, rob, loot, kill, rape and massacre, these very people who are Pakistani citizens.

Pakistani government is so inefficient and ineffective, and corruption so rampant that there is next to nil tax collection and civic services, healthcare and education infrastructure are dismal.

The army runs a massive empire processing and exporting illicit opium based drugs valued at a staggering US$ 9 Billion per year. Its Fauji Foundation generates its own revenue stream of nearly 2 Billion US$ per year.

To ensure all power remains in the Army's hands enemies have to be created and threats have to be conjured up, while fantasies of empire have to be sold to a dumbed down population.

Hence Pakistan which has made terrorism and war as the national industry, has major disagreements and ongoing conflicts with every one of its neighbours and within its own provinces.

It has become the worlds leading proliferator of nuclear weapons and the global capital for breeding and providing sanctuary to terrorists, who continuously fan out across the world.

Education is meant to illuminate. In Pakistan religious seminaries and formal schooling indoctrinate and dumb down the population. The young are taught fictional versions of history, science art literature, etc. misinterpreting the Koran, instilling in them a false sense of supremacy and glory, both past and future.