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What 'you don't love me' really means.

Men and women are not the same.

They are equal but different. Each plays their their role as nature designed them to be.

Always interdependent, earlier the roles were straight forward and uncomplicated. Then as we progressed materially we became more complicated.

Civilisations elevated women to goddesses and empires degraded women to property.

No matter what type of society we built, women have always triumphed.

Women speak in the same language as men, but they deliver messages that have to be decoded by men.


One message commonly expressed seemingly as a complaint is 'You don't love me' or 'You don't care about me'.

Men almost always and immediately react. Puzzled as they are by the complaint, they rattle off all the material things they have provided, the acts of thoughtfulness they have carried out, the gifts they have given.

All these count for little in this case, because the woman feeling ignored, simply wants the man to give her some love, and attention. She wants it but will not beg nor ask for love and attention. This is simply how men and women are different.

The next time if your woman says "You don't love me". Give her your time, attention and if it seems lacking, some more respect, no matter how busy a man you are.

Just some love and attention and not a lot because too much attention can stifle the woman's space.

Of course an appropriate and thoughtful gift is always welcomed and appreciated by a woman, but cannot substitute for your time.


Women want a successful man who gives them a lot of attention, but they have to remember 'if you want a successful man, you have to contend with a busy man'.

End Note:

Love gives a delightful headache, because it is simply too complex to understand. Women are meant to be loved not understood.

The lessons are not restricted to our personal relationships but also to professional areas. There is a code embedded the conversation and those who understand the nuances will be more successful and happy.


Extracted from my proposed book: 'Achieving Success and Realising Happiness'

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