Never underestimate the arrogance and stupidity of humans.

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Viruses are a natural phenomenon and there are many viruses existing in nature. However when countries spend huge amounts of money to engineer viruses with the mala fide intent to attack life we have a big problem on our hands.

America, China, Russia, France, UK and Israel have significant biological warfare weapons and they have enough stockpiles of these viruses to wipe out all human life a thousand times over. 

SARS (2002) and MERS (2012) epidemics were viruses that escaped BSLs (Bio Safety labs) in China.

How do the viruses escape a high security lab?

Every country that designs a biological weapon also works on vaccines and treatment protocols to protect their own population. Unfortunately they have to make the biological weapon first and then can they begin development of a solution. 

The solution requires conducting of trials on human volunteers or detainees, by deliberately infecting test subjects and detaining them in quarantine. Repeated trials and observations then take place in evolving lines of  effective treatments and vaccines.

The most advanced producer of biological weapons is America. It alone has spent US$120 billion employing approx. 12,400 'life scientists' (death scientists) to develop biological weapons. 

It seems China has been very clever in acquiring and stealing much of the knowhow and viruses, but not so clever and experienced in managing the development of biological weapons and their handling. Though the SARS and MERS viruses were originally all American products,  the COVID-19 Coronavirus is a Chinese modification to the SARS virus they all leaked out by China, because of their incompetence or excessive cleverness. 

The epicentre of the infections of COVD-19, was Wuhan (population 11.1 million)

The Wuhan Institute of Virology is China's first level-4, Bio Safety lab (BSL-4) currently working on creating most dangerous strains of viruses. 

In 2015 Wuhan Institute of Virology published  a report of successfully combining a bat coronavirus with a SARS virus to grow in mice. The hybrid virus was able to infect human cells.

It is now certain that due to Chinese actions or inaction, infected person/s were allowed to mix with the general public, carrying the dangerous virus within them. Each infected person in turn infecting large number of people in Wuhan and then all of the world (199 countries).

In early November of 2019, doctors noticed that they were dealing with something new which were what we now know as Coronavirus, COVID-19. When Dr. Li Wenliang the first doctor to inform fellow doctors about a possible outbreak of an illness that resembled severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in Wuhan, China, he was promptly arrested along with seven other doctors and charged with anti national activities.

Dr. Li Wenliang has since died from COVID-19 Coronavirus infection on 07 Feb 2020, but after revealing shocking truth about a cover up.

As the number of cases grew, the growing epidemic came to the attention of Chinese central leadership in Beijing. Beijing as is often the case with totalitarian regimes, instead of going public on the screw up and impending disaster, chose to do otherwise. They clamped down on all testing, reporting or information sharing on the subject. All investigations were ordered to be suspended, all records and samples were mandated to be destroyed or to be sent to Beijing.