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'Marriage' is not a word ...

Updated: Sep 3

Marriage is probably the most fascinating of relationships.

Those individuals who click together, become lovers, friends, partners,

parents even occasional adversaries, and enrich each others lives.

Those who are incompatible experience a hellish life. They become bitter and intolerant people. For such people, 'marriage' is not a word, its a 'sentence'.


What then could describe a perfect bond?

I can provide two possible answers.

  • 'Soulmate' where two beings are akin intimately as a common soul.

  • The other comes from Indian philosophy since ancient times, 'Ardh-Angani'. Literally translated other half of body but actually implies other half of the being. We each live half in the other.

Incidentally, this pair bond has its origins in Sanatana philosophy which explains the nature of all existence, the word 'Param-Atma' meaning primordial or supreme soul.

The term 'Param-Atma' is used to describe the supreme being we commonly know as God. Each individual being is a soul, a small fragment of that one Universe.

We are all one and if fortunate one day we will realise this great truth.


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