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How many did you catch?

Updated: May 6

My friend Sandy from Ireland shared this joke with me.

It is usually cold and wet in throughout the year in Ireland and the people their love their drinks.

One day Dennis who patronised the local pub was surprised to see an old man outside the pub with a string attached to rod appearing to be fishing in a puddle. Scratching his head with surprise, he asked the old man, "Hey! What are you doing?'

The old man replied, "I am catching fish"

Dennis could hardly contain his laugh. Sniggering he thought this poor fool has really lost it, the least I can do for him is buy him a drink in the pub. So Dennis invited the old man in to have a drink at his expense.

As they sat there nursing their drinks, Dennis thought it would be amusing to chat with this crazy old man and have some more fun. So he asked the old man, "How many did you catch today"

The old man replied, "You are the eighth I have caught today"

Enjoy and laugh often. It won't change anything, just make us feel better.


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