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How do we know there is intelligent life out there?

Updated: Sep 4

We have made and continue to make such a terrible mess of existence on earth both for ourselves and for all else. Why would any intelligent life form even want to contact us?

That is why we can humorously say that we know there is intelligent life out there in outer space, simply because they have never tried to contact us.

Humour is the best way to make the bitter truth palatable.

In the same vein whatever applies to the wider universe also applies to organisations. Managements of many organisations struggle to attract and retain talent.

Many intelligent and talented people stay away from such organisations that pay money and even provide facilities but wrench the soul out of people.

If we want people to make contact and join with us we need to create relationships that are not purely transactional but also transformational.

Organisations that seek to transform themselves and all those associated with them in a win-win manner will succeed and drive positivity. All others will sooner or later bite the dust.

The same is true about all relationships, personal or professional.


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