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Bertha Benz makes the first long distance journey in an automobile in 1888

August 5, 1888 Weisslock, a small village in Baden, Germany.

The time is approaching noon. A group of women work in a wheat field that stretches as far as the eye can see. Their children are playing nearby. That's when they saw a sight. A woman in a black gown rides a horse-drawn carriage with her two children. But what surprised them was something else. There were no horses in front of the cart. A horse-drawn carriage? At that time a woman sent her child to the priest as soon as they heard about the sorcerers who were kidnapping children.The church bell rang and the priest gathered the people.They were ready to face the witch.The woman got out and checked the vehicle. Then she walked into a bar and asked for 10 liters of Legrain. Ligraine was a petroleum product. It was used to remove stains from clothes too.

This was the first road trip in history. Wife of Benz, a fan of motor vehicles, it was Bertha Benz and her sons Richard and Owen.

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